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Patriot Bloodstock syndicates horses for racehorse ownership and offers ongoing fixed-price training fees.

Patriot Bloodstock retains an interest in every horse we syndicate so we can share in the excitement with all our owners.


For a 2.5% share in any of our horses you can expect to pay $25.00 (+GST) a week, or 5% for $50.00 (+GST) a week for ongoing training fees, no extras except for unexpected vet call outs, surgeries, feature race nominations or anything out of the ordinary. We average out the costs to manage a horse's preparation over 12 months and our fixed fees cover all the standard expenses so there are no surprises. We handle all the accounts for our owners, so you only receive one invoice monthly, and your fees cover our costs to manage the syndicate.

How much buying your share with us costs will depend largely on the pedigree and conformation of the horse if buying a yearling, and past performances if buying a tried horse. Prices can vary so it's a horse-by-horse basis, but we have sold 2.5% shares for less than $500.

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality horses for our clients at an entry level price point and we welcome first time owners with us.


Every horse we syndicate comes with a Product Disclosure Statement, including a full break down of costs and all your legal requirements when owning shares in a racehorse.

When you buy a share with Patriot Bloodstock you are the sole owner of your percentage, we don't not take any additional cut of the prizemoney. If you buy 5% you get 5% of the prizemoney (less the usual trainer and jockey percentages).

When your horse finishes racing often they'll be sold via an auction. If this is the case, you'll receive your percentage of the sale price (less any auction expenses). We don't take any additional cut of the sale.


When naming your horse, we love our owners to come up with creative names, we'll take suggestions from all our owners and generally put it to a vote amongst the group for the top 3 names which will be submitted to Racing NSW who ultimately decide on one of the three suggested names.


As an owner with us you will be able to have stable visits to see your horse, and on race day all owners listed in the race book will receive full race day owners' privileges. If you require additional race day tickets, we'll help facilitate that.


All owners who take a share with us have access to purchase Patriot Bloodstock merchandise via our merchandise partner Fanfave, which can even be personalised with your horse's name on your product. Check out the merchandise section on our website:


We pride ourselves on first class communication. You can expect regular emails with audio and video content, pre and post-race reports and we have WhatsApp group chats for all our horses so all our owners can interact with each other so you are kept up to date with every step of your horses' preparation.


When your horse is being broken-in we'll regularly attend our farms and speak with our breakers to check on your horse's progress, plus you'll receive video contact direct from the breakers talking you through what stage of the breaking-in process your horse is at and what you can expect next.

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You'll receive weekly video or audio updates direct from your trainer keeping you right up to date with every stage of your horse's preparation and race planning, or a pre-race report the evening before your horse races.

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You'll receive post-race jockey reports from your jockey immediately after your horse runs either race day or in trials.

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We create WhatsApp group chats for all our horses. Owners receive the same updates they would via email but more immediately in a text. We have found it provides a more inclusive experience to ownership and our owners enjoy the interaction with the other owners. We only have two rules for our WhatsApp group chats: 1) Respectful at all times. 2) No armchair trainers. We have our trainers!

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